Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do it for Dwight

So Stan Van Gundy is in the news today for saying he know that Dwight Howard has gone to management and asked for him to be fired. Should this be a surprise to him? Everytime something good happens for the franchise Van Gundy does a swell job of playing the wrong people at the right time. Remember a few years ago when Rafer Alston was on  the Magic and they had lost Jameer Nelson to injury? Alston had been playing fantastic basketball and then along came the playoffs and Van Gundy pulled him for Jameer who hadn't even been playing basketball in a game environment at all. Needless to say he sucked. I have been saying for the last couple of years that the Magic need to get rid of Van Gundy to get over the hump. It pleases me to know that Superman agrees with me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sports are all that matter in life.

My new blog. About my favorite thing: Sports!

Lets get right into it.
I'm sitting here watching my Lakers play the Clippers. Im watching Kobe be Kobe. Im watching the Clips be the Clips. It's 105 to 104 right now with 2:41 left and The Lake Show is leading. I can't help but wonder if its just me, or if the Clippers still know that even thought they got CP3, Mo, and Caron this short offseason, that they are still the Clippers and therefore are one of the most poorly run franchises in all of professional sports. And this coming from a Jaguars fan. Even though the Clippers got one of the top 2 guards in the league in my opinion, it doesn't change the fact that they are still the Clippers and big surprise Donald Sterling still owns them. As long as he is running the show, they are running into the ground, and they will always be the red headed stepchild of the wonderful city of Los Angeles. And big surprise, the Lakers are up by 5 now with 18 seconds left. Go ahead and chalk up that L Vinny. Its kind of like Al Davis running the Raiders since they went to the Super Bowl last. In todays day and age of the NFL you need a lot more than a big arm and a fast receiver to win a football game. More on the NBA: we all saw the Heat beat the Thunder tonight. And Lebron actually played well in a big game for them. Maybe that is a sign of good things to come. I think Miami needed to make a statement and I believe they did a wonderful job of that tonight. Hopefully they can get that ring this year.

Big news in the NFL the last couple weeks with the whole Peyton Manning sweepstakes and the Saints Bounty Play for Pain scheme. And to top it all off Reebok can finally go somewhere to die and live out their days while they watch Nike make the rest of the world forget about the last 10 years.

Now for my take on the Manning thing, Im pleased he went to the Broncos, I see it as a good fit. However, I am not pleased that the Colts just let him walk. The man said he was willing to restructure his deal based on performance only just so he could stay in Indy! I guess 30 million proves to be too step a price to pay to keep around a guy who just has had 2 or 3 or whatever the hell the number is neck surgeries. Now for Bounty Gate. I believe what the Saints did was a little dirty, but at the same time no one in their right mind with half a brain can honestly believe that the Saints are the only team in the last 10 years to pay people for hits or performance. They just got caught. Its the same thing as Spygate. That was the biggest load of bull I have ever heard of and you still have disgruntled fans of crappy teams who bring it up and say how evil of a man Bill Belichick is. If you believe no one else taped their opponent, you live under a rock and your opinion on anything is obsolete.

Have you seen Seattle's new Nike uni's yet? They leave something to be desired. They by far have the most radical changes of any team in the league. They need to just scrap the blue pants and stay with white pants no matter if its home or away. They have gray alternates that just look like the white ones dirty. I like what the Broncos did with theirs and I like that they will be going with orange tops and white pants for home games this year. Mostly all the changes were very subtle with the majority of them just being adding a little swoosh to them.

I saw the new Miami Marlins park on TV today. Pretty sweet. They even got the fish tanks behind home plate. Maybe with the money actually being put in to the team now I will have a reason to root for them. And finally my Dodgers are actually owned by someone other than McCourt and the league. Maybe a prerequisite for owning a sports franchise if you are a male should be you have no wife or you are required to go to consoling, that way your wife can't run the team into the ground. Just another reason why women don't belong in sports.

Well thats it for tonight. I hope you all enjoyed it. Im going to try and stay pretty current with this one.

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard" - KDTrey5